Picuki Instagram, Is it Anonymous? Complete Guide


Because of the popularity of the Instagram user base, both regular Instagram users and those who do not use it are showing much interest in Picuki. You can keep up with what people you follow are doing on Instagram Stories. They can see it if you view their story, featured in the Viewers section.

Picuki Instagram is a fantastic program that makes you anonymous and protects your privacy. As Instagram users have dramatically increased recently, more individuals are curious and remain anonymous while looking for and watching content.

With this great tool, it is now a simple process, but aside from that, many Instagram users are looking for Picuki alternatives that are now on the market. I want to cover more depth about it in this post. You will come to know what Picuki is, if it is safe, whether it is anonymous or allowed, and how to use it to access Instagram.

What is Picuki?

Anybody who wants to browse Instagram stories anonymously should use Picuki. Without registering, you may access any Instagram account. The software allows anonymous access, so you may follow people and leave comments without giving away who you are.

This app allows you to secretly monitor other people’s Instagram stories, read their direct messages, and track the responses of their followers. Via this, you may get anonymous updates on account updates, new subscribers, posts, stories, comments, and followers of your specified Instagram account.

Why Do We Use Picuki for Instagram?

It has a wide range of uses. The main benefit of using this tool is that it enables anonymous viewing of Instagram profiles without requiring registration. Even downloads of original Instagram pictures and videos are available here.

It includes a fantastic editing feature that allows you to apply filters, add Text, and change an image’s color and brightness. Also, it’s a safe, totally free service that doesn’t monitor your online behavior.

Pros And Cons of Picuki


  • See profiles of celebs you’re looking for
  • Browse the stories and postings of celebrities.
  • Check out the post’s comments.
  • Possible hashtag searches
  • Modify an image by cropping, adding Text, or using effects.
  • Download Instagram photos and videos.


  • Unable to create a post of your own
  • Don’t create a profile.
  • Unable to watch the Instagram broadcast or comment

How to Use this Tool for Instagram?

One of the most popular and user-friendly ways to browse other people’s Instagram profiles and posts using Picuki for Instagram is to look up an Instagram username. Although you may look for your partner by name or tags, the Instagram username will give the most accurate results. So get it first. The following steps will lead you:

Picuki Instagram viewer and Editor

Go to the Website

  • Open a web browser on your computer or smartphone.
  • Visit the official website at https://www.picuki.com.
  • Enter the username of the Instagram user whose profile you want to view in search box.

Search Instagram Username in Picuki

  • To start searching on it, just Press Enter on your keyboard.
  • There might be a lot of usernames that look similar.
  • Be careful to choose the precise matching username, which should be stated upfront.

Browse Posts using Tags via Picuki Instagram

  • Visit the official page.
  • Enter the hashtag you wish to look up in the search box.
  • When the search results show up, click Tags.
  • There are several hashtag results available.
  • Select the one you want to view.
  • You may now view all posts publicly using the same hashtag.

Edit Photos on Instagram using Picuki

  • Go to https://www.picuki.com/
  • Enter the username of the person whose photos you wish to edit.
  • Choose the user from the search results.
  • Click on the picture you want to edit from the post section.
  • At the bottom of the image, select Edit.
  • The image may now be edited by changing the brightness and applying filters. Moreover, you may add Text and stickers to the picture.

View Trending Content using Picu ki

To view trending content by using this great Instagram tool, follow the steps:

  • Visit the official website. https://www.picuki.com/
  • In the top right corner, choose Trending.
  • You can see the most popular posts from the previous day on the next page.
  • For a list of past trending posts, choose Yesterday or This Week.

Can We Use Picuki Anonymously?

Yes. Every Instagram user on Picuki is fully anonymous. According to our tests, the profile owners cannot see your views once you have looked through their profiles, stories, posts, followers, hashtags, and locations. Your visit’s time is also hidden. Also, if you download a photo or video that has been posted, the owners won’t be informed. It is, in other terms, a heaven for stalkers.

Is Picuki Safe?

You could be on the fence and question if it’s safe to use iti to see Instagram profiles on your desktop computer using a website. The results of our testing indicate that no suspicious pop-up windows, Trojans, or viruses are present. It is trustworthy and well-liked.

Yet, it is legal, and authorized uses of its services are also safe. Iti is safe to use and is an authorized way to browse fully anonymously.

10 best Alternatives of Picuki

Following are the ten best alternatives for Picuki Instagram:

  1. SmiHub
  2. Inflact
  3. Gramhir
  4. Instaxyz
  5. InstaDP
  6. Fullinsta
  7. StoriesDown
  8. Watchinsta
  9. DownloadGram
  10. InStalker

Final Words

Picuki may be a reliable Instagram viewer tool for those who don’t want to reveal their identities in return for a quick look at other people’s Instagram profiles. It is a fantastic Instagram tool that helps you become anonymous and protects your privacy. You are welcome to try iti because of its surprisingly high-security ratings for an internet business.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Is Picuki for Instagram Free? 

Yes. You won’t be charged anything for using it.

Why is Picuki not working?

This tools’ popularity is growing every day, and as a result, many people are visiting the website. Some of the functions may cease functioning if the server experiences an increase in traffic. The issue can be resolved by giving it another attempt later or deleting the browser or app cache.

How do you fix an error in Picuki?

Reloading the page, refreshing the app and website cache, or waiting a while quickly fixes any problem in it.

Is Picuki safe to use?

Yes, it is a safe and authorized way to browse fully anonymously. You could be on the fence and question if it’s safe to use Picuki to see Instagram profiles on your desktop computer using a website. The results of our testing indicate that no suspicious pop-up windows, Trojans, or viruses are present.

How can I view downloaded stories?

You may watch video stories directly in the browser or any updated video player (drag the downloaded video into the browser). In image viewers, photo stories may be seen (or like videos in a web browser).

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