Piso Wifi Pause Time Features, An Ultimate Guide Piso Wifi Pause

Have you ever felt the need to disable your Piso Wifi network temporarily? Or, have you ever wanted to pause your wifi network to prevent excessive usage? If yes, then you are at the right place. 

The good news today is that the Piso Wifi system now presents a pause function to let you have better control over your network. This article will guide you all about the latest Piso Wifi pause time machine and its functionality. 

What Is The Famous Piso Wifi Pause Function?

Piso wifi is the largest private internet connection readily offered in the Philippines. It got established in the year 2011 by the name Pisonet but became viral in 2017. 

The login page of this Piso Wifi Portal is very easily accessible. It is the one that comes first when you search for this wifi network and explore its various functions. 

What Is The Piso Wifi Portal Pause Function? 

The Piso Wifi pause time machine is the newest innovation of this wifi system. 

This function verily allows its users to access their Wifi network and control its usage for a specified amount of time. In addition to that, it also helps you make a schedule dictating when you want to pause and resume the Wifi connection. 

Typically, the default time intervals of the Piso Wifi pause time start from 30 minutes. However, users can adjust the time up to 1 hour, or 2 hours, according to their own needs. Piso Wifi Pause

How To Use The Piso Wifi Pause Time Machine?

  • First of all, search the official website link https://100001.uno/ in your web browser. It will directly take you to the admin panel page of the Piso Wifi portal. 
  • Then enters a valid username and unique password to log in. 
  • Once you get logged in, scroll the page down until you find the option labeled “Internet Access Time”. Click on this button. 
  • There, you will see three basic options: 30 minutes, 1 hour, and 2 hours. 
  • Click on the radio button beside it selecting the time frame that suits you. 
  • Then click on the apply button. 
  • Later, to activate the pause time function, click on the button mentioning “Pause”. 
  • It will start immediately and your network will become inaccessible for your paused time frame. 

Significant Features Of Piso Wifi Pause Vendo Piso Wifi Pause Vendo

The very famous Piso Wifi differs from all the other wifi networks in its competition in several ways. Some key features of this Wifi network include the following:

  1. The Piso WiFi-free package typically offers 1-5 free minutes daily to its users. You may connect one account on up to four devices. 
  2. The registration and cancellation processes of piso wifi vendo pause login are both fairly simple. 
  3. Anyone can easily use this free internet service by entering their cellphone number even while traveling, but just in the Philippines. 
  4. Although, its free plans offer an extremely high-speed internet connection. Still, people opt for paying to avail of its extra features. 
  5. Above all, users may connect a single account of this Wifi network on up to nine different devices using their subscription plan services. 

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Step-by-Step Procedure for Piso WiFi Vendo Pause Login

In order to use the piso wifi pause time function, you first need to know all the essential steps for logging into this network. Only then, you will be able to use its portal services. The instructions for logging in are as follows:

  1. First of all, open your web browser. 
  2. Type the official web address https://100001.uno/ into the search bar. 
  3. A router’s manufacturer’s login dialogue box will appear on your screen. 
  4. Then enter a valid username and password. 
  5. Lastly, press enter to access the router’s admin panel. 

Procedure For Piso Wifi Portal Pause

Have you been wondering how to use the Piso wifi pause time machine? Here is the step-by-step procedure for it:

  1. Open the web browser of your choice. 
  2. Then, to access the device’s web interface, enter the official web address in the search bar.
  3. But before that, please make sure that your Wifi network is strongly connected to a strong internet. 
  4. Then click on the button labeled “Pause Time Selection”. 
  5. From the time interval options given below, click any, and pause your wireless Piso portal’s internet connection. 

Is there any Piso WiFi Hack?

Have you been facing any trouble while connecting to your Piso wifi network? Some potential reasons behind that may include the following along with their solution hacks:

  1. The gateway address of your router or device is probably different from the official This mainly prevents your web browser from locating the admin panel correctly. 

Retry connecting your internet when you get to know the right gateway address. 

  1. Typing the accurate IP address of your Piso wifi in the web browser’s URL search bar is the key to success. 

Sometimes users type incorrect URLs like writing www., typing “0 – zero” instead of “O”, or adding an extra O at the number like, or adding https://at the start of the URL address, and many more other mistakes. All of these are not valid as gateway IP addresses. 

The most probable Piso WiFi Hack for this case is to restart your Wifi router and network. However, before restarting, please give it a few minutes of refreshing. 

  1. Thirdly, if your ISP’s network is not working properly and goes down at some peak busy time, you may experience losing access to certain websites. 

For this, you must first try clearing your Internet’s cache and cookies that your computer has stored previously. 

  1. Lastly, if you face any configuration error during any session. 

You must fix your router by changing its factory settings to default settings. For this, you should first unplug the power source of your router, and then push the little button on its back labeling “Reset” for almost 10 seconds. This will restore all your device’s settings to default. Later, when you see the small lights on your router blinking, it means your modem has been reset successfully. 

Do you know about the Piso WiFi Voucher Code?

Nevertheless, there is no Piso wifi hack for it. If your applied code fails, you have to re-enter the voucher code of your Piso Wifi network again to gain access. On the other hand, if you know the valid voucher code, you can then access your Piso pause time option by following the below-given instructions:

  1. First of all, enter the official web address of Piso wifi, which is http://10.10 0.1 in your web browser’s search bar. 
  2. A dialogue box asking for your username and password will appear on your screen. 
  3. Then you will have to enter the username and password that you had set previously. 
  4. After that, enter your Piso WiFi Voucher Code. 
  5. Upon clicking enter or login button, you will be taken to the 10.10 0.1 piso WiFi admin panel.
  6. You have now landed on the main dashboard where there are a lot of options. 
  7. From here, you can change any of your Wifi settings including the username, password, LAN, WAN, login settings, and many more according to your suitable preferences. 


Question. No. 1: What is the Piso Wifi Pause Time? 

Answer: Piso wifi pause time function is a feature that assists you in pausing your Wifi network when not needed. Anyone can easily pause their internet connection by visiting the official IP address. Then to reconnect after the short break, visit the same location back again. 

Question. No. 2: How is a Piso WiFi Voucher Code useful for anyone?

Answer: By getting a valid voucher code from any of the Piso wifi agents, the frequent customers and users of this famous Piso WiFi internet portal can easily access the free internet. The routers of this Wifi system usually use the private IP address and authenticated username and password as their default route. 

Question. No. 3: How can I reset or restart the Piso WiFi Pause Time Machine?

Answer: To reset the Piso Wifi, you must follow the below-given steps:

Press the router’s back button first. For this, you may make use of a paper clip pin. 

Then while pressing the reset button for some time, turn the router off. 

After that release the button and wait for a while. Your Wifi router will automatically restart. 


Hope you have got all the information regarding the Piso Wifi Pause Time function. It is very easy to pause and resume your Piso wifi internet connection anytime you want. This can significantly help you take a break from the internet and limit your data usage over time. 

The recent piso wifi portal pause feature on your device lets you restart and pause the internet connection quickly. With this featured function, you can usually get the most out of your Piso Wifi network without needing to worry about exceeding your data limit. 

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