10 reasons to send your child to camp

10 reasons to send your child to camp

Some parents hesitate to send their child to a children’s camp. There are at least 10 reasons for such a decision.

Summer holidays for children are no less important than studying at school. In children’s camps, children not only relax, but also learn communication, develop comprehensively, and spend time playing sports. Some parents hesitate to send their child to a children’s camp. There are at least 10 reasons for such a decision.

Why is camping good?

The SportZania language camp is a combination of educational, sports and developmental activities. The child will be expected in it:

1. Communication with peers. Time in the children’s camp is fun, children easily communicate with each other and even shy ones become more open. The child can find friends with whom he will continue to communicate after.

2. Sport. In any camp, sports activities and competitions are held. Sport develops children physically.

3. Nature. The camp is located in the suburbs, far from the cities, in a beautiful clean area. The child will spend a lot of time in the fresh air, get acquainted with the world of plants and animals, such pastime is useful for both physical and psychological development.

4. Proper multiple meals. Children will be provided with a full menu, nutritionally balanced dishes that are useful for a young organism.

5. Teaching English. Children are engaged in language learning by game methods. This approach facilitates learning, making learning faster.

6. Diversified development in several directions. Children can choose a hobby to their liking: drawing, music, photography, dancing, video shooting. In the classroom, they learn to show talent, think creatively.

All the time that the child spends in the camp, he will be supervised, you can not worry that something will happen to him. Parents at this time can relax and do their own thing.

Why is it good for a child to relax in the camp

A trip to the camp is often the first experience for children of life away from their parents. This is undoubtedly a period that will be remembered for a lifetime – new impressions, the opportunity to feel yourself. At the Sportzania camp:

The child learns to do the necessary work for self-care on his own, and becomes more organized.

  • Fully resting. This is one of the main reasons, because summer is a period of holidays, rest before school. But this does not mean that the child will be left to himself. In the camp, the days pass according to the established schedule, there is time for learning, games, sports and creativity. The load is distributed evenly so as not to overload and discourage the desire to learn. Children return home with new knowledge, skills, rested and happy.
  • Get new impressions. Almost everyone who has ever rested in the camp remembers with joy how they had fun, made new acquaintances, learned something new, discovered talents in themselves. Rest in the camp is remembered as a fun, carefree time, leaving a vivid imprint in the memory.
  • Develops skills and abilities. The camp program is specially designed to motivate children to show interest in different areas of activity. A hobby, love for which began in the camp, can last a lifetime or even become a reason for choosing a future profession.

In the SportZania language camp, children will be able not only to relax, but also to continue learning English using an improved methodology. Resting during the holidays, children develop in a complex way: they gain knowledge, communicate, play sports. The training is conducted by professional teachers from England and the USA who have been trained and have the necessary experience working with children.

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