Daraz Seller Center Karachi, Lahore & Bangladesh Guide

Daraz Seller Center

Are you looking forward to starting an online business through Daraz? If yes, then registration in Daraz Seller Center is required. For this, you have to register yourself as an authenticated seller. Provide all your accurate details on the sign up and login portal of Daraz. You are all set to sell your best at Daraz and make your business’s online presence worldwide. 

What is Daraz?

In the modern online world, the trend of running an online business is really picking up every day. Especially in Pakistan, people are taking a keen interest in starting a side business online. 

One of the most followed options to buy and sell things online in Pakistan is Daraz. Daraz is acknowledged to be the best online-selling website in Pakistan. 

What is Daraz Seller Center?

Daraz Seller Center Karachi

The very famous, Daraz seller center is an extraordinary one-stop online shop for worldwide businesses to manage and list their products on Daraz. Daraz is one of the top leading E-commerce platforms in Pakistan

On the Daraz seller center Lahore portal, businesses can effectively 

  • Create product listings 
  • Manage products on a list
  • Track orders 
  • Process payments 
  • Ship products, and many more, all in a single place. 

Moreover, this popular online seller center also provides free access to powerful resources and tools. Both these help several online businesses to succeed and grow online. 

Daraz Seller Center Login Basic Requirements

Given below are the necessities required for creating and setting up your Seller Center on Daraz:

  1. Email Address 
  2. National Identity Card (CNIC)
  3. Bank Account Number 

Once you have the Daraz Seller account login ID, you must always use the same account to order or sell packaging on Daraz. That will help you get your Daraz seller ID approval more quickly. 

How does Daraz Seller Center Works?

Daraz Seller Center Lahore is a hub or platform specially designed for people who sell and buy different products across Pakistan through the Daraz app. Here, on its seller center, businesses can register their products and upload their pictures on Daraz online marketplace. Then people buy and order those products in exchange for which businesses get the order’s payment directly in their bank account. 

  1. Buy a Product from Daraz

Similar to selling products at Daraz Seller Center Islamabad, people can buy their required items from this portal online. This center presents a wide range of millions of products from 

  1. Clothes
  2. Electronics
  3. Home goods
  4. Fashion accessories 
  5. Shoes, and many more. 

When you have to buy an item from Daraz, you will simply have to click the button labeled “Add to cart” and proceed to checkout. If you already have a Daraz account, your selected item will be shipped to you directly. Or otherwise, you will first have to create an account. If, in case, you get the wrong product you may dial the Daraz contact number for assistance. 

  1. Sell a Product on Daraz Seller Center Karachi

In order to sell any particular product on the seller center of Daraz, you will first need to create its seller account. 

After creating a valid account, you can list your business items for sale. 

For this, you will have to upload your products’ picture along with some basic information, like 

  1. Product Title 
  2. Price rates
  3. Quantity numbers 
  4. Shipping details 
  5. Delivery times, and many more. 

Once your product listing is live on Daraz Center, people from all over the world will be able to see and buy items from your seller store. 

5 Steps Procedure to Begin Selling at Daraz

How daraz works?

In order to start selling products at Daraz Seller Center Bangladesh, you will have to follow the below given 5 steps:

  1. Free Sign up 

First of all, create an account on the official Daraz website or mobile app by clicking on the Sign-up button. 

  1. Create an authentic profile 

Then provide all your personal and business details like your email, phone Daraz Seller Center contact number, or store name. 

  1. Provide accurate personal details 

Moving on, give address details of your business so that customers know your marketplace. 

  1. Give ID and bank details 

Then provide business-related details like your ID card number and bank details for payments. 

  1. List Your Business Products 

Lastly, list and display products on your seller center at Daraz.

As soon as you upload your business products on the Daraz seller portal, go Live through quality control for boosting sales. 

Top 5 Best Tips and Tricks to Manage Daraz Seller Center Bangladesh Effectively

Daraz Seller Center Bangladesh
  1. Commerce is exponentially growing in Pakistan, especially at Daraz. So, you need to follow the below-given tips and tricks to manage your sales and rating at Daraz effectively:
  1. Manage your inventory well to add credibility to your products and online business. 
  2. You should have the best managerial capacity to handle and manage received orders. 
  3. Increase your brand value by adopting the Six Sigma practice of getting maximum customer feedback.
  4. Try to work on customer service to get maximum points and ratings on your sales. 
  5. Have a strong online presence and consolidate your E-Commerce stores. 

Daraz Seller Center Bangladesh Contact:

Daraz Bangladesh Contact: +8809610096111

Help Center: https://helpcenter.daraz.com.bd/

Website: https://www.daraz.com.bd/

Daraz Seller Center Karachi Contact:

Daraz Seller Center Karachi Customer Service, Head Office Address, and Helpline Numbers:

Phone: +9221111132729

Address: Sky Tower B, Block 4, Scheme #5, Block 4 Clifton, Karachi, Sindh 75500, Pakistan

Daraz India:

Email: sales@daraz.in

Address: Daraz India, 1003, A1 Tower Hill Park, Jogeshwari (W), Mumbai (400102).

How to Become a Successful Daraz Seller?

How to become successful on daraz

1. List your products after registration

First of all register yourself with Daraz by signing up on it and providing personal details. 

Then download the Daraz app and login your seller account with essential credentials. 

Enlist and display your business products along with their relevant information. 

2. Sell your products across Pakistan and receive orders globally

After listing, start promoting and selling your products

Accept orders and try to manage them well in the seller center of Daraz. 

Upon accepting orders, simply package the order for delivery to the customer. 

3. Grow your business online and receive payments directly from your bank. 

Expand your business through different means. 

Advertise your products on different online selling portals with links. 

Get payments directly in your provided bank account. 

Daraz Seller App

Daraz Seller Center App

Besides the official website, you can also use Daraz Seller Center on its app. You can download the Daraz seller app from the Google Play store for free. This particular app is rich with different online business supporting tools. Those tools help people manage and expand their E-Commerce businesses all around the world. 

Moreover, through the Daraz app, you have the freedom to handle and manage your online Daraz business directly from the phone anytime anywhere. Thanks to this free service of the Daraz seller app. 

Significant Features and Benefits of Daraz Seller Center

  1. No registration fee for account creation and products listing 
  2. Sell across all the big cities of Pakistan
  3. Reach millions of worldwide customers
  4. Reliable and fast shipping through exceptional Daraz logistic network
  5. Timely payments and checkouts with weekly safe funds deposit
  6. Whole range of advertising and marketing tools to grow businesses and find new customers.
  7. Learn and get help with E-Commerce from Daraz seller support university. 

FAQS on Daraz Seller Center Karachi, Lahore and Bangladesh

Question. No.1: What product categories can I sell the most on Daraz Seller Center?

Answer: Daraz generally has over more than 30 product categories that people can sell on its official website. These categories mainly include 

  1. Fashion accessories 
  2. Electronics
  3. Lifestyle 
  4. Health 
  5. Beauty products, and many more. 

However, Daraz somehow refrains from listing the products that are dangerous and prohibited by cultural norms and law. 

Question. No.2: Does Daraz takes any commission on E-commerce sales?


In general, opening an online business or shop on the Daraz website is entirely free of cost. However, Daraz deducts a slight percentage amount of money from the order payment in terms of its commission. The commission deducted from each product usually depends on the category under which it falls. 

Question. No.3: What things are required for Daraz Seller Center login and sign up?

Answer: For signing up and further logging in on the Daraz website or app, you must have the following items:

  • Email address 
  • ID card information (CNIC number)
  • A bank account with the same name or title as your ID card. 

Question. No.4: How can anyone open his own online shop on Daraz?

Answer: In order to make a Daraz Seller Center account and open an online shop on it, you have to SMS the word “Daraz”, then after a short space, you “Name” to 5757. Or, you can also see and follow detailed tutorials of Daraz seller sign up or login on YouTube. 

Question. No.5: Is it worth selling products on Daraz?

Answer: Daraz is indeed the best online shopping store in Pakistan. So, it is worth selling your products or expanding your business online through it. Daraz Seller Center Lahore usually gives you free access to millions of worldwide customers to shop for your products. 

Moreover, selling on Daraz helps you grow your online business by assisting with reliable shopping, timely payments, and professional selling services. 


Undoubtedly, Daraz is one of the largest online marketplaces and E-Commerce websites in Pakistan. Since 2002, it has been the pioneer of online shopping through digital devices like mobile, laptops and computers. In addition to that, Daraz has also been successfully redefining E-Commerce globally with its cutting-edge technologies. 

The foremost and most advanced recent innovation is Daraz Seller account. It is an online hub or platform where worldwide customers can buy, sell, or ship their business products all at once. Moreover, any business can have a great online presence and growth through it. 

So, what else are you waiting for? Immediately go for the Daraz Seller Center login, register yourself as a Daraz seller, list your products, and start your online business worldwide. Wish you the best of luck! 

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