Five Ways To Improve Your Health Today

Five Ways To Improve Your Health Today

Take care of your health!

Starting a new life on Monday is no longer fashionable.

Psychologists and coaches advise: if you decide to change something – do it right now! Especially when it comes to health. You can take these five simple steps to recovery today.

1. Get outdoors more

Hiking is incredibly beneficial for the whole body. While walking in the fresh air, blood circulation improves, organs are saturated with oxygen, the cardiovascular and respiratory systems are strengthened, the gastrointestinal tract works more efficiently, the body’s protective functions increase, vision improves, muscles strengthen, endurance increases. Walking is the best assistant in the fight against excess weight. In addition, scientists have proven that walking reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. And walking in the fresh air helps to get rid of stress and its consequences, improves mood and energizes and energizes.

2. Don’t take things too personally

This advice sounds trite and hackneyed, but, in fact, if you really learn to build internal “barriers” and separate your feelings from the experiences of “the whole planet”, life will become easier and you will start to feel better.

How to learn not to let everything pass through you:

1) Whatever happens, as soon as you are captured by negative thoughts, switch your attention to something else: things that require your participation right now, your well-being. To do this, as soon as the “bad thoughts” begin to spin in your head, tell yourself: “STOP!” and immediately analyze what is happening around you here and now.

2) Allow yourself your feelings. If you are angry or worried, first of all, admit it to yourself: “Yes, I am very angry! Now this is my state, I have the right to be angry. Don’t be afraid to share your feelings with others. Talk directly about how you feel, they may not realize that they are upsetting you.

3) Separate “own” and “alien”. Even if you are very upset by the behavior of friends or relatives, separate their lives from your own: “I am terribly annoyed / upset by how Vasya spends his free time. But this is his life, he needs to deal with it himself. What can I do? Spend my free time the way I like! Throw all your strength into making your own life happy, then there will be less unpleasant experiences.

4) Learn to say “NO” and get out of situations that you don’t like.

3. Sleep at least 7 hours a day

This point does not need detailed explanations. Doctors have long identified the minimum sleep requirement for an adult, and it should be at least 7 hours. During this time, the body has time to rest, and the strength to recover. If you sleep less – you live “for wear and tear.”

4. Go in for sports, at least 10-15 minutes a day

Light morning exercises that warm up the muscles and speed up blood circulation and a short complex before bed to stretch the muscles and relieve tension – and your body will thank you! Even such minimal exercises are enough to be in good shape. Especially if you do not neglect point number 1.

5. Eat Right

Give preference to proper nutrition – add more vegetables and fruits to your diet, choose lean meats, do not forget about fish and seafood. And remember the main thing: in order for the products to retain all their useful properties, they need to be cooked correctly. And for this you need safe and high-quality dishes.

In what it is impossible to cook:

· In frying pans and pots with the damaged teflon covering. Even if there are small scratches on the inner surface, the dishes are no longer usable! When heated, harmful substances will begin to be released, which will get into food and into the air.

·In enameled pots and ladles with chips on the inner surface. This is not safe: not only does rust form at the cleavage site, but the enamel itself continues to break down, and its fragments can get into food and injure the esophagus or other organs of the gastrointestinal tract. And the bare metal at the cleavage site reacts with food, resulting in the formation of harmful compounds.

Many dishes cannot be cooked in aluminum pots. This is especially true for acidic foods (tomatoes, etc.). Oxidized, aluminum enters the food, which is harmful to the body. It is strongly not recommended to store cooked food in such dishes.

The modern technologies that we uses in the production of kitchen utensils make the dishes absolutely safe for human health and the environment. Cutting-edge materials that have passed numerous tests and are approved for use in the food industry are much more functional, stronger and more reliable than “old” aluminum and enameled surfaces. Each of our products has a corresponding label confirming the environmental friendliness of our products.

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