How To Unclog Toilet When Nothing Works

How To Unclog Toilet When Nothing Works

Are you continuously facing problems with toilet water overflow from the top of the bowl? If you have this problem, you might have clogged up your toilet. Clogged toilets not only frustrate you but also prove to be embarrassing. What should you have to do then? In this blog article, you will learn different methods about how to unclog toilet when nothing works. 

How To Unclog A Toilet With A Plunger

Using a plunger is the best way to unclog a toilet. How to unclog your toilet using a plunger? Let’s see how to use it! First of all, before using a plunger, put on rubber gloves to prevent splashes of toilet touching your hands. Grab the plunger into your hand at the handle and run the plunger into the toilet bowl. An airtight vacuum appears and pushes the plunger down slowly with increasing force. Plunge it several times and pull it out quickly which will lose the clog and force everything in the toilet drain. In this way you can unclog a toilet with a plunger. If it does not work, repeat the whole process many times until you unclog the toilet.

How To Unclog Toilet When Nothing Works: Best Methods

Every time, you can not use only a plunger to unclog the toilet. There might be situations where you can’t use it. If so, you have to choose other options. How to unclog toilet when nothing works? Here are some other best methods to try!

1. Dish Soap

To get rid of clogged toilets without a plunger, one way is to use some dish soap. This dish soap acts as a lubricant which helps lubricate the clogged toilet by allowing the debris to slide down the toilet drain pipe.

How to use it? Pour 1/2 cup of it in the toilet. If you do not have it, cut a bar of hand soap into small pieces and drop them into the clogged toilet.

2. Use Hot Water

If dish soap doesn’t work, adding hot water might be helpful. Add a full bucket of hot water ( boiling water can cause cracking of porcelain toilets) and pour it into the clogged toilet to the waist level. Hot water can dislodge the lodged debris down the toilet drain.

3. Baking Soda Mixture

Baking soda mixture is an all natural solution you can use as an alternative to dish soap for toilet unclogging. 

How to use it? Pour 1 cup baking soda and 2 cups vinegar. Pour this mixture into the toilet. Mix it for about half an hour. If this method does not work, try the hot water method.

4. Water Bottle Trick

How to apply this trick? Remove as much water as you can from the toilet bowl repeatedly fill the toilet bowl and pour the water into the bucket. Now fill a plastic bottle with warm water. Put on rubber gloves on your hands to prevent debris. Place your thumb at the top of the plastic bottle and fix this end into the toilet outlet. Remove your thumb and allow the bottle to leave water down the outlet. This creates pressure and can unclog the toilet.

5. Plumbing Snake

Plumbing snake also known as closet auger is a flexible wire readily available in homes which is used to clean the toilet. The rubber coating on this flexible cleaning tool prevents scratches of porcelain while unclogging. 

How to unclog with a plumbing snake? First, wear rubber gloves before inserting the closet auger. Hold one end of the snake tool into your hand and the other end in the toilet outlet. Gently push it down the toilet until you feel hindered. Push it further and rotate the handle clockwise to let the snake push the lodged material into the toilet drain. Continue this process until you feel no resistance. Flush the toilet once you feel no hindrance. If it drains faster, the obstruction is not there or repeat this process otherwise. 


Clogged toilets cause huge problems. Luckily, we have arranged the best methods to unclog your toilets by yourself. How to unclog toilet when nothing works? You have learned all the ways of clearing toilets. These tools are easily available in most homes. However, If you don’t have them, you can buy them at an affordable price in the market. Before you call a plumber, make sure you have tried out these tricks:

  • Plunger
  • Dish soap
  • Hot water
  • Baking soda and vinegar mixture
  • Water bottle
  • Plumbing snake

And if these methods don’t work, call your plumber to unclog the toilet.

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