Jazz WhatsApp Package Monthly, Weekly & Daily

Jazz WhatsApp Package

Enjoy monthly, weekly and daily Jazz WhatsApp package with codes to subscribe. You should read the whole topic carefully to know the best deals.

Jazz has become one of the best internet service providers in Pakistan nowadays. It offers hundreds of packages and bundles to the users including internet bundles, messaging bundles and calls packages etc. Do you subscribe to the Jazz WhatsApp Package monthly, weekly or daily? In this article, we will provide information about Jazz packages for Whatsapp to stay connected with your family and friends. Let’s get started!

Jazz WhatsApp Packages 2023

Jazz bundles for WhatsApp are categorized into three sections based on the duration of packages, i.e. monthly, weekly and daily. 2023 jazz packages for Whatsapp are:

Jazz WhatsApp Packages Monthly Code

Jazz monthly WhatsApp package 2023 provides freedom for its prepaid users to use WhatsApp freely for the entire month. 

Monthly Package Social

This monthly jazz bundle can be purchased with Rs. 60 rupees first, however, its price rises to Rs. 148 due to high amount of taxes. This package includes following details:

  • Price: Rs.148 
  • Availability: 30 days
  • Reward: 7 GB (WhatsApp, IMO, Facebook, BiP & Snapchat) + 12,000 SMS
  • Subscription Code: *661#
  • Unsubscription Code: *661*4#

Mahana Bachat Offer, Monthly Package Code:

Mahana Bachat WhatsApp package monthly includes 4GB for WhatsApp, IMO, BiP for 149 rupees. Other details includes:

  • Price: Rs. 149 including tax
  • Availability: 30 days
  • Reward: 4GB (WhatsApp, IMO, BiP) + 300 Jazz Mins + 40 off-net mins + 2000 SMS
  • Subscription Code: *614#

Monthly Jazz WhatsApp Package Code *247#

This is a good WhatsApp bundle that Jazz offers for 13 rupees per month. By dialing *247# subscription code, you will get 2 GB WhatsApp data. Other details are:

  • Price: Rs. 13 including tax
  • Duration: 30 days
  • Reward: 2000 MBs
  • Subscription Code: *247#

Jazz WhatsApp Package Weekly 2023

Jazz offers three main weekly WhatsApp packages one with Rs. 23 rewarding 20 Mbs for WhatsApp. However, subscribe to its weekly YouTube and WhatsApp bundle which gives 5 GB data. 

Weekly WhatsApp & SMS Bundle

This bundle can be purchased for Rs. 26 with 25 MBs for WhatsApp and 1500 SMS weekly. Other details are:

  • Price: Rs. 26
  • Duration: 7 Days
  • Reward: 25 MB WhatsApp + 1500 SMS
  • Subscription Code: *101*1*07#

Weekly YouTube & Social Bundle

Dial *660# to get 5 GBs for WhatsApp, YouTube, IMO, Facebook and BiP wth just Rs.138 (including tax) for 7 days.

  • Price: Rs. 138 including tax
  • Duration: 7 days
  • Reward: 5 GB (WhatsApp + IMO + YouTube + Facebook + BiP)
  • Subscription Code: *660#

Weekly Mega Offer

Get 10 GB internet with 1 GB WhatsApp for 7 days in just Rs. 287. Package details:

  • Price: Rs. 287 including tax
  • Duration: 7 days
  • Reward: 10 GB internet (1 GB WhatsApp)
  • Subscription Code: *159#

Jazz WhatsApp Package Daily

Daily bundle is a great offer which we can subscribe to urgently for 1 day or 24 hours with reasonable price. With this daily Jazz WhatsApp bundle, we can get a few MBs WhatsApp data and some SMS along with. 

Jazz Daily WhatsApp & SMS

This offer can be subscribed for Rs. 8 with 10 MB WhatsApp and 1800 SMS for one day. Here is the complete detail:

  • Price: Rs 8 incl. tax
  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Reward: 10 MB WhatsApp, 1800 SMS
  • Subscription Code: *334#

Daily Youtube & Social Offer

This offer is available for youtube and social usage which you can get by dialing *968# subscription code. Other details are:

  • Price: Rs. 23 incl. tax
  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Reward: 1.5 GB for WhatsApp, Youtube & Facebook
  • Subscription code: *968#

Frequently Asked Questions

How to activate Jazz Monthly WhatsApp Package?

To activate the monthly jazz whatsapp offer, open your Jazz world and subscribe to this offer among the list of Package and Bundles. Or Dial *661# to activate this package. You will get a confirmation message shortly after subscribing this offer.

How to check Jazz Monthly SMS status?

Dial *661*2# to check jazz monthly SMS status.

How to subscribe to Jazz monthly IMO?

To subscribe IMO Jazz monthly Whatsapp package, dial *661*2# and you will be rewarded with 5 GB IMO Data. 


Jazz brought new bundles for Whatsapp users on a monthly, weekly and daily basis. Choose a Jazz WhatsApp Package listed above to suit your needs. We recommend you Jazz WhatsApp package monthly Rs 60 rupees which is monthly package social. Now its price increased to 148 rupees due to high taxes.

Enjoy your monthly Jazz plan for WhatsApp!

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