Things to do in desert safari Dubai

desert safari Dubai

In the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is both a city and an emirate. It is renowned for its high-end shopping, cutting-edge buildings, and vibrant nightlife. It lies around above sea level and is located on the UAE’s Persian Gulf coast. Although Dubai is well-known for a wide range of things to do and locations to visit, a popular city experience is going on a desert safari. The activities that take place during the desert safari in Dubai are described in detail in this article so that you can have a sense of what to expect when you decide to go on one.

If you want to spend a day in the vast Arabian Desert, there are many enjoyable activities and attractive lodging options that will make your trip memorable. When it comes to a desert safari Dubai, you have numerous possibilities. Find out what the best activities are during the desert safari. Here are the top 7 activities for a desert safari in Dubai.

7 Activities and Attractions on a Desert Safari in Dubai

  • Take a jeep safari

With a 4×4 vehicle and an experienced driver on your side, set off on an amazing desert trip that will enable easy exploration. The cost of a jeep safari across the desert can be around 40 euros or more; typically, these trips combine many additional activities, such sand boarding or dune bugging, so take a look at these all-inclusive packages.

  • enchantment of the desert with a captivating camel safari 

Try riding a camel if you’re going to see them in Dubai’s desert. The proprietors of the camels will provide you with instructions on how to board one because they are renowned to be peaceful creatures. Definitely add camel riding to your Dubai desert safari itinerary.

  • Drive a buggy or a quad bike

A quad bike ride over the desert will undoubtedly be thrilling. They give you safety gear and instruction on how to operate the quad.

  • Experience the rush of sand skiing in the desert

Sand skiing is a unique adventure activity that can be enjoyed on Dubai’s endless stretch of sand. Some of the dunes reach heights of 200–300 meters, making them perfect for sand skiing. You can feel the sand under your skis as you quickly descend. That is the pinnacle of desert enjoyment!

  • Memorable flight over the Arabian desert is hot air ballooning

You may see the vast Arabian Desert in its entirety on a hot air balloon tour. The 24-person hot air balloon provides stunning views while evoking a sense of urgency as it moves across the heavens. Around here, you can see some of the desert species, which primarily consists of gazelles and camels.

  • Explore falconry in the desert

Watch trained falcons do a display while flying up to 4,000 feet in the air. Both the falcon show with a hot air balloon trip and is a impressive meal to enhance the experience.

  • Enjoy a night of events on this happening night!

A night doesn’t get better than this with a variety of entertainment and activities like stilt dance, fire eating, whirling, and the exotic belly dancing. With your friends and family, enjoy your comfortable tent and take in the thrilling moments. Enjoy desert safari Dubai and spend the night outside while enjoying a BBQ, a campfire, and other activities.


Dubai had an incredible time participating in the best desert safari that stands out from the city’s glittering lights and skyscrapers. Even though there are many attractions and activities in Dubai, taking a desert safari is a well-liked city activity.

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