What happened on Joe Biden’s Arrival in India for G-20 On Friday?

Joe Biden’s Arrival in India for G-20

On Friday, President Joe Biden arrived in India for a 2 day negotiation with the world’s top economies. Biden meets with Modi for G-20. His arrival aims to counter China with an eye to convince the shattered world and the United States stays a valuable partner. 

The polling in the United States indicates that two thirds of democratic voters don’t wish Biden as 2024 president, based on a CNN survey.

Many Biden’s fellow leaders left him due to his shaky political roles particularly in Europe, leaving people to wonder what will the following year foretell about whether Biden’s robust role in the world will remain or not.

Biden is expecting to make a stance to be a better partner than China for developing countries since Chinese President Xi Jinping has omitted the meetings of this week.     

Joe Biden did not come empty handed, rather he brought proposals to set up investments in the World Bank, and got maximum advantage from US funds and loans for the developing world.

The Treasury Secretary of the United States, Janet Yellen said in New Delhi, “It’s not just a question of responding to China, it’s a question of addressing long standing global challenges, reducing poverty.”

Joe Biden has found India as the most important partner for the US in the twenty-first century and an ally to counter the growing influence of China in the Middle East.

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