Joseline Cabaret Season 3 Cast

Joseline Cabaret Season 3 Cast

Despite the fact that Joseline Cabaret is a reality show, it has received a lot of criticism from users who claim that she mistreats her dancers. She’s even been accused of making physical threats against them.

The show stars Joseline Hernandez, who is a popular reality star from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. She’s also a business owner who dreams of opening up her own cabaret.


This season of Joseline Cabaret takes the dancers to Las Vegas. The dancers face misunderstandings and quarrels. Moreover, one of the light-skinned dancers makes derogatory comments about her darker-skinned counterparts.

Gaia gives an alluring performance involving holy water, but Joseline decides she’s not right for the show. Meanwhile, Amber discovers her dress was sabotaged and vows revenge. Lollipop fights with Lexi over tips.


Lollipop is a dancer on Joseline Cabaret. She is one of the top three dancers on the show. She has a large following on social media and is always in the news.

The show airs on Zeus Network. It has many controversies, including fights and misunderstandings between the cast members. Several of the cast members have also been accused of assaulting each other. For more information, visit techbusinesstown.


Jordan Monroe is a new cast member of Joseline Cabaret Season 3. She joins returning members Lexi Blow, Chanel and ReRe. The show also features new dancers such as Henny from New York City, Gaia Love from Tennessee and BlckDiamond from Florida.

On the opening night of the cabaret, Joseline chooses ReRe, Lollipop and Jordan to perform. The other girls gang up on Gaia, who has a religious meltdown.


Joseline is the show’s main character, and has been trending on social media for her harsh pep talks to the girls. She is also a rapper and has endorsement deals with Fashion Nova and Ciroc.

In episode five, Joseline throws a topless pool party to cool everyone off, but tension is high between the dancers. Wet Wet and Diamond fight, and Kapri is hurt by a thrown bottle.


The common raven is an intelligent and remarkably adaptable bird that can survive in environments as diverse as the hot desert and high Arctic tundra. It is also known for its quick wit and ability to form groups.

Besides Joseline, the cast includes Blue Face Barbie, Aqua, Henny, Lollipop and Raven Diaz. Other dancers are Yummie P, Chanel Tso, Mz Natural, BossTec, Big Lex and Sapphire.


Bosstec is a spitfire with a blunt attitude and firecracker personality. She’s been on a lot of reality shows and is active on social media.

She was a part of the cast on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and now she’s in Joseline Cabaret Season 3 on Zeus Network. This show is sure to have a lot of drama and suspense!

Amber Ali

The fifth episode oozes with squabbles. In one scene, Wet Wet gets hit in the face and Kapri is split open by a bottle. In another, Gaia has a religious meltdown and wrestles Lexi to the ground.

Henny, BlckDiamond, Raven, and Wet Wet get eliminated after the first round of dancing. Joseline chooses ReRe, Lollipop, and Jordan but then adds Amber over Chanel, shocking the girls.


The cast of Joseline Cabaret Season 3 includes dancers such as Henny, Gaia Love, Kapri, Lucky Hustla and more. The show has received a lot of positive feedback from viewers.

However, the show has also received some criticism. Some of the dancers have even filed a $25 million lawsuit against the network over their treatment on the show. This has led to a lot of drama and conflict in the cast.


The show was extremely popular and the cast did a great job of making viewers laugh. Joseline’s witty retorts and the girls’ fights kept spectators glued to their televisions.

In episode three, the girls perform their dances. Joseline chooses Lexi, Jordan, Lollipop, and BossTec to dance with her, benching Amber and Henny. Gaia has a religious meltdown and wrestles with Lexi.

Wet Wet

The show is always filled with drama, but this season things allegedly went too far. Some dancers filed a $25 million lawsuit against Joseline for attacking them during the taping of Season 3.

The season 3 cast includes Lexi Blow, Jordan Monroe, ReRe, Henny, Lucky Hustla, K Kapri, Mz Natural, and the new girls Gaia Love and BlckDiamond. Raven and Henny quit early on.

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