Snapchat Planets Order Review

Snapchat Planets Order Review

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Exploring Snapchat’s Planets Order
    • Understanding the Planets Order Feature
    • User Experience and Interface
  • Using Planets Order
    • Navigating the Planets
    • Interacting with Snap Map
  • Snapchat Planets Order FAQ
  • Conclusion
    • Unlocking a New Snapchat Experience
  • FAQ


Snapchat has been continually evolving and introducing new features to keep its users engaged and entertained. One such feature is “Snapchat Planets Order.” In this extensive review, we’ll explore this feature, providing an in-depth look into what it entails, how to use it, and its overall impact on the Snapchat experience.

Exploring Snapchat’s Planets Order

Understanding the Planets Order Feature

Snapchat Planets Order is an exciting new addition to the platform that brings a celestial twist to your interactions. It allows users to explore a virtual map of planets where each planet represents a different location. This feature merges the digital and real worlds, offering an innovative way to connect with friends, discover new places, and share your experiences.

Snapchat’s partnership with NASA and other space organisations adds an educational aspect to Planets Order, providing users with information about the planets they visit. By blending entertainment with knowledge, Snapchat aims to create a unique and enriching experience.

User Experience and Interface

Snapchat is known for its user-friendly interface, and Planets Order is no exception. The feature is seamlessly integrated into the Snapchat app, making it easy for both new and experienced users to navigate. The interactive map of planets is visually appealing and provides a sense of adventure.

The feature’s interface is designed to encourage exploration. Users can easily zoom in and out, click on planets to discover more about them, and engage with their friends’ experiences. The intuitive design ensures that users can make the most of this feature without any hassle.

Using Planets Order

Navigating the Planets

When you open Snapchat’s Planets Order, you’ll be greeted with a captivating view of the solar system. Each planet on the map represents a specific location or event. To navigate the planets, simply swipe and tap on the screen to move through space. This dynamic interface provides a playful and engaging way to explore the various planets on the map.

As you move closer to a planet, you’ll be able to see snaps and stories associated with that location. It’s a fantastic way to stay connected with friends, especially when they’re traveling or attending an event in a different city.

Interacting with Snap Map

Planets Order is seamlessly integrated with Snap Map, which is already a beloved feature among Snapchat users. The integration allows you to access real-time information about your friends’ locations, creating a sense of connection even when you’re physically apart.

Additionally, Planets Order offers an augmented reality experience where you can virtually visit space-related events and locations. This exciting feature adds a whole new dimension to your Snap Map interactions.

Snapchat Planets Order FAQ

Now, let’s address some common questions and concerns about Snapchat’s Planets Order:

What is the purpose of Planets Order on Snapchat?

Snapchat Planets Order serves as an interactive map that represents various locations and events. It allows users to explore these virtual planets, discover new places, and connect with friends’ experiences.

How do I access Planets Order on Snapchat?

To access Planets Order, simply open the Snapchat app, swipe to the Snap Map, and you’ll find the planets represented on the map. You can start your exploration from there.

Can I add my own location or event to Planets Order?

At the moment, adding your own locations or events to Planets Order is not a feature. However, Snapchat regularly updates its app, so this may change in the future.

Is Planets Order a free feature on Snapchat?

Yes, Planets Order is a free feature available to all Snapchat users. There are no additional charges for using this feature.


Unlocking a New Snapchat Experience

Snapchat Planets Order is a captivating addition to the platform that brings an entirely new dimension to your social interactions. It seamlessly merges the digital world with the real world, allowing you to explore exciting locations, connect with friends, and learn about space. The user-friendly interface and integration with Snap Map make it an accessible and enjoyable feature for users of all levels.

With Snapchat’s continuous efforts to innovate and entertain, Planets Order is a shining example of their commitment to delivering unique and engaging experiences. Whether you’re a space enthusiast, a travel lover, or simply looking to connect with friends in an exciting new way, Planets Order offers something for everyone.

So, open your Snapchat app, start your planetary journey, and unlock a new level of connection and adventure today.


How often is Planets Order updated with new locations or events?

Snapchat regularly updates Planets Order with new locations and events. These updates are often aligned with notable events and holidays. Keep an eye on the app for notifications about new planets to explore.

Can I customise my virtual character on Planets Order?

As of now, Planets Order doesn’t offer customization options for your virtual character. However, Snapchat frequently updates its features, so it’s possible that this could be a future addition.

How can I share my experiences on Planets Order with friends?

To share your experiences on Planets Order with friends, you can take snaps and stories while exploring the virtual planets. These will be visible to your friends and can be a great conversation starter.

Is there a way to see the planets I’ve visited in the past?

Yes, you can view the planets you’ve visited in the past by clicking on the “Visited” section in Planets Order. This allows you to revisit the places you’ve explored and see any new updates or snaps from those locations.

Can I use Planets Order on a computer or a tablet?

As of now, Planets Order is exclusively available on the Snapchat mobile app. To enjoy this feature, you’ll need to use Snapchat on your smartphone or tablet.

In conclusion, Snapchat Planets Order is a fascinating feature that adds a celestial touch to your social interactions. Its integration with Snap Map and the user-friendly interface make it an enjoyable and educational experience. As Snapchat continues to evolve, Planets Order is a shining example of the platform’s commitment to innovation and user engagement. So, why wait? Dive into the cosmos of Planets Order and start exploring a world of connection and adventure right from your mobile device!

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