Top Gemstone Jewellery Worth Buying On Your First Visit To Sydney, Australia

Top Gemstone Jewellery

As a tourist looking to visit Australia, Sydney is certainly one of the best cities worth checking out today. In this city, you can always spend some time in the popular Sydney Opera House, climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge, check out the amazing Taronga Zoo Sydney, or even visit the Sydney beaches. Besides, you can also visit top jewellery stores, such as Masterpiece Jewellery, to buy some of the best gemstone jewellery pieces.

In the rest of this blog, you’ll discover the top jewellery items worth shopping for in Sydney Australia.

Why should you buy Australian gemstone jewellery?

There are tons of reasons why buying Australian gemstone jewellery should be on the top of things to do on your visit to Sydney. Firstly, Australia is popular for producing some of the unique and highest-quality gemstones across the world today. Some of these rare and naturally produced gemstones include opals, sapphires, and argyle diamonds.

That said, choosing Australian gemstone jewelry will help you better understand how the country’s mining industry works. Besides, many Australian gemstone jewellery pieces are exceptionally and responsibly sourced – this is due to the ethical and sustainable practices done in the country.

The bottom line is as long as you shop with a reliable store in Sydney, such as Masterpiece Jewellery, you can always expect to get affordable and ethically sourced gemstone pieces.

Here are the top gemstone jewellery worth buying in Sydney

  1. Australian opals

As earlier mentioned, one of the rare gemstones that Australia naturally produces today is opal. This explains why many people refer to opal as the national gemstone of Australia. There are many reasons why you’ll never go wrong with buying opal jewellery pieces today. Firstly, these gems are known for their vibrant and diverse play of colors, which can always manifest into diverse patterns. Besides, opals are very rare and beautiful. Their beauty and rarity make opals worth buying when you visit Sydney, Australia.

Today, there exist different authentic stores across Sydney, Australia, where you can visit to shop for your favourite Opal gemstone jewellery pieces. At Masterpiece Jewellery, you’ll surely find high-quality and affordable products, such as opal earrings, opal rings, opal pendants, and opal earrings studs.

  1. Sapphires

Many people favor sapphires today because of many reasons. First, Australian sapphires have exceptional quality and vibrant colours. Besides, they are also ethically sourced in Australia, all thanks to the ethical mining practices in the country. 

Sapphires have a hardness rating of 9 on the Mohs scale – this means they have excellent durability and will serve you for many years with proper care. You can check Masterpiece Jewellery to find some of the best Sapphire gemstone jewellery when you visit Sydney, Australia.

  1. Pearls

Pearl is another exquisite gemstone jewelry worth shopping for on your visit to Sydney, Australia today. Pearls have unique qualities, which contribute to their overall allure and individuality. You can always go for them if all you need is timeless and elegant gemstone jewellery pieces in Australia.

You can check Masterpiece Jewellery today to find different types of pearl gemstones, including pearl earrings, necklaces, rings, pendants, etc.

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