Things to Consider While Renting a Yacht in Dubai

Renting a Yacht in Dubai

Dubai is a diverse city offering varied experiences. From opulent lifestyle, majestic deserts to the beauty and bliss of Dubai Marina, it offers it all. The best way to explore the Dubai Marina is by renting a yacht. You may choose from a wide range of yacht rental Dubai that aligns with your needs and preferences. But there are certain things to take care of before making the final choice. This article is a guide on the things to consider while renting a yacht in Dubai.  

What are the Things to Know Before Yacht Rental in Dubai?

Listed below are things to take account of before setting on a yacht rental in Dubai: 

Size of the Yacht

The Dubai Marina features a variety of yachts of different sizes. So, while searching for yacht rental Dubai do also check if the size of the yacht aligns with the number of members in your group. An average yacht can accommodate anywhere from 10 to 80 passengers. So whether it is for a party or simply a ride for leisure, choose your yacht rental Dubai in accordance to the size of your group. 

Know Your Budget

The next important aspect to keep in mind for yacht rental Abu Dhabi or Dubai is your budget. Depending on your budget you can shortlist the yachts for you. If you are on a tight budget try booking your yacht in advance to avail additional discounts. Again, the charges of yacht rentals and other things are high during peak seasons in Dubai. Hence, it is better to go off season to book the best yachts in Dubai on a budget. 

Adventure Activities

Apart from the beautiful views and vibes Dubai Marina is also a hub of adventure and thrill. Some of them include swimming, deep sea fishing, snorkeling, jet skiing, etc. If you want to indulge in any of the adventure activities on board, it is recommended to book in advance. Although all the gears and clothing is offered on board, it is better to keep the crew updated about your plans beforehand. 

Food on Board

The journey on a yacht rental Dubai can be a long one for which you need to make arrangements for food. There is a full fledged kitchen on board with a chef who can serve fresh dishes to you. But the food on board is chargeable and often overpriced. So, you may pack your own food to have during your journey. Try packing dry stuff so that it doesn’t get messy. 

Time of Yacht Rental

Yacht rental in Dubai is available for different time frames. You may either opt for the morning, afternoon or evening yacht rental in Dubai. Most tourists choose an evening yacht rental to witness the mesmerizing sunset on board. As the sun sets, the ambience all around turns cold and pleasant. However, if you are up for adventure activities, it is better to opt for a morning or afternoon yacht rental in Dubai.  

A trip to Dubai is incomplete without yachting on the Dubai Marina. So, make sure you book the best yacht for a memorable adventure. To access your choice of yacht in Dubai Marina, check out OneClickDrive, a reliable marketplace for car and yacht rental in the UAE. 

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