15 Best Instagram Story Viewer 2023

Instagram Story Viewer

Instagram Story Viewer is used to view the stories of Instagram account holders anonymously.

The option to post pictures and videos as 24-hour stories are one of Instagram’s most well-liked features. When a user uploads a story, everyone who has seen it is immediately notified. There are several valid reasons why someone might want to view another user’s story, but they should make sure their presence is unknown to that person.

Instagram stories currently have over 500 million active users. And 70% of these people watch Instagram stories daily. Even though you may watch a story directly on Instagram, many users use third-party applications. This is because your Instagram username appears in the list of story viewers.

Fortunately, there are resources you may use to access a private profile or entirely hide your identity while browsing Instagram stories. You can browse Instagram and its many user profiles anonymously with online services and the tool known as Instagram Story Viewer.

Reels, Stories, and other fantastic features are available on Instagram, but there is one thing you cannot do. It does not, however, support downloading or anonymous watching. There are many Instagram Story Viewers available, making a decision tough. The best Instagram story viewer platforms are listed below, along with information about their top features and website URLs.

  1. Inflact
  2. Picuki
  3. StoriesDown 
  4. Glassagram
  5. mSpy
  6. Cocospy 
  7. Anon IG
  8. SmiHub
  9. Dumpor
  10. InstaDP
  11. Qoob Stories
  12. Instalkr
  13. Instastories
  14. 4K Stogram
  15. eyeZy


Inflact stands out as a unique tool compared to the other tools on this list. It is a platform for social media marketing that enables companies to take advantage of Instagram’s massive user base to gain exposure for their products and services.

You can download Instagram pictures and videos using it as a standard Instagram Story Viewer. For marketing or entertainment purposes, you can further use this content. The platform’s account viewing features are made to help you learn more about your users, rivals, and influencers.


  • Photo and video downloader
  • Scheduled posting
  • AI-Generated hashtags
  • Stories viewer


Use Picuki if you want to view Instagram stories in anonymity. You may access any Instagram account without signing up. Because the software supports anonymous access, you can follow users and leave comments without revealing your identity.

Using this software, you can read other people’s direct messages, watch their Instagram stories, and keep tabs on their followers’ reactions. You can receive anonymous alerts from Picuki regarding changes to your selected Instagram account, new subscribers, posts, stories, comments, and followers.


  • Browse the stories and postings of celebrities.
  • Check out the post’s comments.
  • Possible hashtag searches
  • Download Instagram photos and videos.


Use the web-based Instagram viewer StoriesDown to gain anonymous access to public Instagram accounts. It can keep an eye on posts and stories without an Instagram account. The posts and stories associated with that account will be displayed when you enter the profile’s username in the search field.

Good graphics and the option to save videos and images to your smartphone are both features of StoriesDown. This Instagram story viewer does not reduce the quality of the content it downloads.


  • View Instagram stories anonymously.
  • Needs no creation of an account.
  • Download and share high-quality content.
  • Compatible with every system and device.


Improved internet spy is available to Glassagram’s users. Users of the software can see any account from the inside, and it is designed for an anonymous Instagram story viewer. The profiles that are in private mode will have full access.

The Glassagram tool lets users view the information the targeted person enjoys most. Because screenshots are updated every few minutes, You can recover all important information. When tracking Instagram accounts, this software can be a very useful tool.


  • Watching hidden mode stories.
  • Direct message reading.
  • Interaction with another content tracking.
  • Instagram video monitoring.
  • Searching the GPS location.


mSpy is the latest anonymous Instagram story viewer on this list. This is another top-notch Instagram tracking and monitoring service for social media. This is a terrific solution to use when you want to browse private Instagram profiles in total privacy.

The Instagram tracker, which enables parents to monitor their children’s online activity, is one tool that parents like. This service doesn’t install an app on your child’s phone because you will run it anonymously.


  • Tracks incoming & outgoing calls.
  • Track a physical location using GPS.
  • Offer screen recording.
  • Recovery of deleted messages.
  • Access to the browser history


Cocospy is a superb phone spying tool that allows you to view the Instagram stories of the installed device. After installation, the app will provide you with a comprehensive view of the Instagram profile that is now active on the target device.

On Instagram’s conversation section, you can see all stories and posts and check all sent and received messages. Because it functions in full incognito mode, the app does not make its presence known.


  • View Instagram Contact Lists.
  • Detect sent and received messages.
  • View Photos, Stories, and Videos.
  • Operates in completely incognito mode.

Anon IG

The free Instagram story viewer Anon IG Viewer has a simple user interface. Without making an account or logging into an existing one, it is used to see profiles through a web browser. Enter the Instagram user name and select “search” to utilize this tool. Only posts made in the last 24 hours can be seen by anonymous Instagram viewers.


  • Best for both public and private Instagram accounts.
  • Fast downloading of Instagram stories and posts.
  • You can bookmark stories for later viewing.
  • No requirements for an Instagram account or application.
  • View Instagram stories anonymously.


The first thing about SmiHub that impresses you is its excellent user interface. It is simple, uncomplicated, and encourages people to get to work. It welcomes you with a text box and requests that you provide a username immediately.

When you enter a username into the online service, the tool immediately grants access to that account. From this point forward, you can browse stories anonymously, perform any search, and quickly download content.


  • Anonymously browse Instagram accounts
  • View stories
  • Download photos and videos with targeted links
  • Analyze likes, comments, and followers


On this Instagram story viewer, you may search for anything and everything. Dumpor is a website that enables you to access Instagram content anonymously, including stories, highlights, publications, posts, reels, followers, etc. No registration is necessary.

Moreover, you can download the material directly to a desktop or mobile device. Also, you may perform a search and view relevant hashtags and the content connected to them.


  • No need to log in to view Instagram posts and stories.
  • No restrictions while downloading videos, stories, or posts.
  • Explore various types of hashtags.
  • Easily share personal stories with other people.


Users can watch and save friends’ and favorite personalities’ stories on InstaDP before they disappear in an absolutely simple manner. It follows the easy procedure of pasting a username, which enables you to browse anonymously through a profile of your choice and steal content without the account owner’s awareness.

The features of this website service go beyond stories. Aside from that, you can download the original quality of the images, videos, and reels. Also, the software boasts a user interface (UI) that follows the well-liked simple design approach.


  • User-Friendly 
  • Watch stories anonymously
  • Download reels, videos, and photos immediately
  • Free to use

Qoob Stories

The Instagram Story viewer and the all-social media platform downloader Qoob Stories are especially powerful. Every content from the Instagram feed, including the stories, images, and videos, may be downloaded instantly using this program.

The username is necessary for Qoob Stories to covertly access a particular profile. The downloading of content from this website can be saved automatically. To use the Qoob Story Viewer, enter the Instagram profile URL. After you do this, your device will immediately begin downloading content from the target account.


  • View Instagram stories from public and private accounts.
  • Download high-quality photos and videos
  • Post captions saving.
  • Advanced download and sorting options.


Instagram stories can be viewed and downloaded using Insta stalkr, an Instagram story viewer. This website requests registration and gives a thorough report about the profile you’ve searched, including information about fans, following, story views, etc.

Thus, if you’re searching against several strong competitors, search the profile for all the secret information you need. Although Insta Stalker is available online in a premium edition with extra features and perks, it is also free.


  • View stories anonymously
  • Access to deleted stories, videos, and photos
  • Download photos and videos
  • Free to use
  • Tracks followers and unfollows inactive followers.


As a viewer of Instagram stories anonymously, Instastories has many fantastic features. You can anonymously explore Instagram stories and highlights with a public Instagram profile username. There is nothing to sign up for and nothing more to share.

You can also download the material without losing the quality of the file. The user interface of this service can be difficult. Users have reported requiring help finding the text box for entering their username, which can make it seem overwhelming.


  • View stories anonymously
  • Access to deleted stories, videos, and photos
  • Download photos and videos
  • Free to use

4K Stogram

A selected username, video, or photo can be accessed with the 4K Stogram Instagram viewer and downloader via a hashtag. Social media platforms can create and publish content using 4K Stogram. Also, it can back up Instagram pictures on a PC and automatically download Instagram accounts to your hard drive.


  • Tracking for a physical location using GPS.
  • Capability to back up an Instagram account.
  • Anonymously download and view other people‚Äôs Instagram accounts.
  • Adds all the accounts followed to the 4K Stogram.
  • You can easily follow, import, and export subscriptions.
  • Keep information on hashtags, feeds, and comments.


We can now discuss eyeZy, a fantastic option for an anonymous Instagram story viewer that provides some of the world’s most powerful mobile device tracking software. You may have already realized this service is ideal for parents who must watch their children’s online and offline activities, particularly on Instagram.

This website offers features including viewing Instagram chats, and photos, review details and dates, parental settings, and a mobile phone tracking and monitoring app.


  • Location finder
  • Geofencing Alert
  • Keylogger
  • Screen Recorder

Final Thoughts

Videos and images immediately capture viewers’ attention because our brains process and remember visual content more easily. Because of this, social media is immersed in pictures, videos, and other visual information. Instead of writing out their ideas, individuals now visually connect in real-time through stories on platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Users widely use Instagram story viewers to view and download Instagram’s photos, videos, and stories. I suggest using the Qoob Stories tool to view Instagram Stories.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Instagram Story Viewer?

An Instagram Story Viewer is a tool that enables private, anonymous access to other people’s Instagram profiles. They are either free or charge a fee to access both public and private Instagram accounts.

What is an Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer? 

An easy solution that enables anonymous Instagram story viewing is the anonymous story viewer. Your name will show up on someone’s list of “Story Viewers” if you watch their story using Instagram. You should keep that you have watched someone’s Instagram story private.

How long are Instagram stories? 

The total duration of an Instagram story is 15 seconds. If your Instagram story lasts over 15 seconds, the app will split it into many parts.

Is It Safe To Use Story Viewer Apps?

Surely, using an Instagram story viewer to see stories is secure, but you must also ensure that your account won’t be hacked or banned. You can browse public accounts without having to reveal any personal information.

Do Anonymous Instagram Story Viewers Work?

The option to download Instagram stories secretly from the Instagram account that posted them is made possible by anonymous story viewers. This can be helpful if you want to download the content to see it later or share it with others without informing the content provider, who may not want their content shared.

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