Standard Shower Head Height From Floor

Shower Head Height

You are designing a new bathroom in a luxurious way and wondering about what should be the standard shower head height. Whether you choose a mobile head shower or a classic wall shower, your head shower height should be a relaxing experience. Whether a very short or tall head shower, both can be a real nuisance. An extremely short shower can cause discomfort splashing water over the floor while a very tall head shower may have difficulty in reaching it. To create an enjoyable shower experience, we will share information about the standard shower head height and other tips related to it.

Standard Shower Head Height From The Floor

The typical shower height is usually about 78 or 80 inches which is equal to 6 feet and 8 inches from the floor. However, it may differ due to various factors. The point to be noted here is that there is no standard shower head height. It is an average shower height where they have been installed to suit certain people. This height is enough for people of 5 feet tall or as high as 6 feet and more. 

For a person with 5 feet height, you have to reduce the shower height to 68 inches rather than 80 inches. And for a person of 6 feet or more height, you may have to consider the average height to almost 85 or 86 inches. Also it is on your preference how high it should be installed.

So for a taller person, the head shower is installed a bit higher and for a shorter person, it will be installed a bit lower. According to a report, the average height of a man in the US is 5′ 9” while a woman has 5′ 3”. So adjust your bathroom shower according to your height.

Determine Your Shower Height From The Floor

A number of factors can help you guide the shower height adjustment. Each of the following elements will determine where a shower should be adjusted in your bathroom:

  • Height of your home members
  • Type of shower head to be installed
  • Design of the shower area
  • Purpose of your bathroom (i.e. home of business)

Considerations For An Ideal Shower Head Height

While adjusting standard height of a shower head, it is very important to consider the following factors:

  1. Shower Head Neck Length
  2. Remodeling Budget
  3. Number of Showers
  4. Design of your Bathroom

Let’s take a brief look on these factors:

1. Shower Head Neck Length

This is the distance of the shower from the wall. If your shower head has a long neck, it will significantly decrease the height and you have to install it higher. Always consider this neck length factor for ideal shower height. 

Replacement Budget

Your budget will determine which style and type of shower head you want to choose like a high end shower or a low end shower. Your high budget can brought adjustable and multiple shower heads while your low budget may bring only one with a fixed height shower head.

Number of Showers Heads

Installing multiple shower heads in a single bathroom, the standard Shower height may differ. It is due to the comfortability for different bathers. If your bathroom needs many showers, they will be adjusted with different heights.

Bathroom Design

It is necessary to consider the bathroom design before adjusting ideal shower head height to accommodate different bathers. Consult your bathroom remodeling professional to determine a suitable head shower height and assess bathroom design.

Types of Shower Heads

Before choosing standard shower height, you should decide the best type of shower head for bathing. Common types of shower heads are given below:

Rainfall Shower Head

These types of showers are typically tall and ideal for large bathrooms. The water coming from this shower head is like rain giving a luxurious shower with rain-like feelings. They are easily adjusted and best for tall bathers.

Handheld Shower Head

A handheld shower head can easily be adjusted with your hand at the height and angle of your own choice. It is the most popular shower head due to its flexibility and convenience and is ideal for small bathrooms.

Wall Mounted Shower Heads

This type of shower can be installed directly on the wall and is available in a variety of sizes and shapes. You can opt according to your adjustable height. They are best for small bathrooms and have a very sleek design.

Sliding Bar Shower Head

These shower heads are ideal for adjusting height regularly to suit the bathers. They can move up and down the rail to adjust at different heights. They consist of multiple shower heads to give a luxurious experience of bathing.

Ceiling Mounted Shower Heads

Ceiling mounted shower heads can also give a gentle rain-like shower with relaxation and comfort. They are great for a modern look. They can also be adjusted at different levels of heights to provide comfort.

FAQs About Ideal Shower Head Height

What is the ideal shower valve height?

The ideal shower valve height should be within the range of 38-48 inches from the floor. However, it depends upon the bather’s height. It should be reachable to the individual from all the directions of the shower spray.

What is the standard shower wall height?

For standard head shower height, the plumber do the measurement first: 

1. The shower wall should be high at least 72 inches from the ground outside the shower. 

2. Second measurement should be 70 inches from the drain to the top of the wall.

What is the standard shower head height?

The standard head shower height should be around 80 inches (6 feet and 8 inches) from the floor. However, you can install your bathroom shower to suit your height.

How high should a shower head be?

An ideal shower head should be 78 – 80 inches high from the ground. It may go beyond this value too if a person is very tall or it can be reduced to 70 inches if the person is small. 


One essential factor to consider to enjoy a luxurious bathing is the shower head height. Professional plumbers recommends installing a flexible shower head to suit the users. Also install your shower with a size of your tallest person as different size of people have to use it. However your ideal shower head should be high at 78-80 inches. Before installing your shower head, consult your plumber contractor to get professional work.

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