Lisa Sparks World Record of Sleeping with 919 Men

Lisa Sparks

You may have been surprised to hear about the record of doing sex with the greatest number of men in a single day, set by Lisa Sparks. Well, the incident was such a case that it will surely incite your laughter. 

According to some authenticated resources, Lisa Sparks was trying to compete with some of her friends about having repeated sex on that day. And, by the time the whistle blew, she successfully had beaten her nearest rival friend by 21 men, breaking the previous sex world record. 

Want to know more about this world record-breaking incident? Stay tuned with us till the end. 

Who is Lisa Sparks?

Who is Lisa Sparks

Lisa is a popular adult film actress who entertains a huge fan following on social media. She is famously known worldwide in the entertainment industry by the name Lisa Sparxxx. This Kentucky-born bowling green actress hails from a family in the United States. She, fortunately, managed to enter her name in the Guinness Book of the world record for sleeping and sexing with the highest number of men within 7.5 hours.

Lisa Sparks World Record

Lisa Sparks World record

Lisa got famous internationally when she broke the previous world record of sleeping with 919 men in a single day, exceeding the previous record limit of 759 men. She set this most intriguing world record in Warsaw, Poland on the 16th of October in 2001 during the Third Annual World G.B Championship. Six cameras at the event successfully recorded this. 

You may be shocked over hearing this. But believe us, it is true and really shocking to everyone’s imagination. 

According to some reports circulating over the entire internet regarding this record, Lisa Sparks claimed to have slept for about 45 seconds with each man. That means that every man had the time of just 45 seconds to do sex with her. In this way, she slept and sexed 919 men within 7.5 hours. 

Furthermore, in one of her other interviews, she confessed that she enjoyed the entire incident on that day. But, on, she had to suffer from extreme pain that took almost a week to recover from. 

Public Response After the Incident Became Viral

We all understand that sleeping with 919 in merely 7.5 hours is near to an impossible task, but Lisa managed to record it. However, many people claim to ask, was it legal enough? 

Well, Lisa Sparks herself revealed in an interview that this incident had significantly enraged the Polish government. So, they threatened the audience to arrest all individuals who will be present at such events. Ultimately, they had to relocate the entire event to a secret top warehouse. At the time Lisa got bored, she ordered McDonald’s, the news which again went viral. 

Ending Note

Lisa Sparks Slept with 919 men

After reading this entire article, you may have known very well about who Lisa Sparks is and how she became famous globally. 

Indeed, people set world records for different things and activities they like. However, no one of us would have ever thought of this record of sleeping with the most number of men in a single day. That is why, when this record broke, Lisa was immediately taken to heights over the internet. That made this celebrity unique among all other record-breaking individuals. 

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