Qureka Banner Features, Plans, Pricing, and how it works

Qureka Banner

Have you ever found yourself in countless advertising banners while scrolling down a website and each one is distinct from others in its own ways. Ad fatigue is a prevalent problem for business advertisers who are continuously trying to come up with innovative ideas and designs to grab users attention which is very challenging for them. Are you curious more about these banners and how to make them on a level where they can catch millions of customers with the latest users interests. Designing a Qureka banner can be helpful for advertisers and marketers.

About Qureka Banner

Qureka banner is a type of digital advertising banner to increase user engagement by playing a game, quiz or other fun activities. It is nothing more than an ordinary ad, however instead of showing actual things, it asks a question or you can play a game for fun. These ads are more interesting, memorable and engaging than regular displaying marketing ads. Having fun by playing puzzles and games, users spend more time and making more purchases. 

It functions by making tactical and interactive designs to draw users attention toward the platform’s offers through eye-catching images. Marketers and advertisers are using this platform to incorporate games with cash rewards, gift cards by which users are encouraged to purchase offers.

Qureka Banner

How do Qureka banners work?

They work as making interactive and engaging designs with various useful components to grab viewers directly or indirectly toward their platform offers. Its functions are following:

Visual Attention:

The banner involves many eye-catching images and vivid colors to attract customers’ attention. The images and colors in it are very consistent with the platform’s identity.

Call To Action (CTA):

Call to action button is displayed in the banner to encourage users to interact with the website. It has a certain link inserted in it that takes you to the original site.

Mobile Responsiveness:

Qureka banners are adapted to variable screen sizes making it mobile friendly improving the overall experience of users.

Adaptive Content:

The banner content can be easily changed depending upon the campaign or latest products.


The banner influences users who can customize the content on their choices with different categories of games, quizzes or other activities related to their tastes.

Features of Qureka Banner

The Qureka application has a number of features and characteristics that can be helpful for marketers and advertisers. Some of these features are:

  • Real Time Interaction

One of the best features of Qureka banners is real-time engagement among users who can challenge themselves with others through participating in trivia games and quizzes. THis interaction increases the bond among the community and enhances learning.

  • Rewards and prizes

Quizzes and games with rewards are notable characteristics of Qureka offering gift cards, cash prizes and other incentives. A win to win strategy enhances the worlds of education and entertainment.

  • Variety of Topics

Qureka banners provide a variety of interests by offering quizzes and games on diverse topics. Whether you like history, science or love pop culture, you will find all these topics of interest there.

Plans and Pricing

Qureka application offers versatile opportunities for all organizations with different inexpensive plans and pricing. You can grab your plan that fits your budgets and demands for different programs. Whether you have a small business or a large organization, Qureka Banners are helpful to enhance your sales and reach your objectives. 

THis platform offers many features in addition to simple tools for audience targeting, real-time analytics and customizable templates and designs. These features make your campaign simple with high user engagement. 

How to login to Qureka Banner?

To access all the features, you have to sign in Qureka account. How to login your account on Qureka. All you need to follow the basic steps:

  • Install Qureka application on your phone or tablet
  • At the bottom of the screen, “Sign In” button is displayed. Click it.
  • Enter your registered phone number and click, “Next”. You will receive a one-time password (OTP) on your mobile.
  • Also a link to reset password will be sent to your email address.
  • Put the OTP to the box and click verify.

You have successfully signed in to your Qureka account. At the home page, you will have access to all the features of this application once you verify OTP.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by Qureka banners?

Qureka banners are digital advertising ads particularly designed for huge audience engagement by introducing prize and reward incentives of quizzes, questions and games. They offer more memorable user experiences than other advertisements.

How is the Qureka banner designed?

These banners are similar to conventional advertisement banners but include quizzes and games. By using multiple features of Qureka, the banners are designed with colorful and eye-catching images with call to action buttons to draw customers attention.

Is Qureka safe?

Yes, Qureka is a secure and trustworthy application. Users personal and financial information is secured by SSLencryption on the application. Moreover, The Economic Times, NDTV and The Times of India are highlighting this app.

What are the top features and characteristics of Qureka banner?

Qureka offers a lot of features of real time interaction among users on various topics and offers prizes and rewards systems. For advertisers and marketers, it is the best place for design alluring advertising banners.


Qureka banner is a valuable platform for elevating your business and organization’s performance and grow user engagement to unprecedented heights. They are a unique fun spin option for increasing brand visibility. Business marketers and advertisers may broaden their audience and attract highly engaged customers by creating Qureka banners.

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