FAB balance enquiry online, 1st Abu Dhabi Bank Balance Checking Guide & FAQs

FAB balance enquiry

Before discussing FAB balance enquiry online check, let’s discuss 1st what FAB is?

What is FAB?

FAB is an abbreviation of 1st Abu Dhabi Bank, a famous banking group in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It was initiated when 1st Gulf Bank (FGB) and National Bank Abu Dhabi (NBAD) merged.

1st Abu Dhabi Bank

FAB is a financial institution which provides various services to customers and banking products to residents of UAE. The mentioned investment company was established in 1968. It has multiple branches all across the UAE.

  • FAB operates a network of more than 120 stores
  • It employs more than 5000 people 
  • It offers a ratibi FAB balance enquiry card to its employees

Moreover, FAB is said to be a digital banking service that allows users to manage their account balances and financial transactions easily. It offers various account types that help employees check FAB balance enquiry online.

Users can check the money market and trends in stock exchanges from their FAB account. Users can easily access FAB accounts by just filling out an online form or submitting a formal application. 

Furthermore, FAB charges no monthly fees for considerable savings or current accounts. Also, they do not charge any fee for opening a deposit account and no minimum balance requirements are there to tease any customer.

When and How did FAB Became the Largest Banking Institution?

One of the largest financial institutions, FAB, was appropriately established in 2017 due to the merger of two major banks. They offer various products, services, and solutions to valuable customers of the UAE. 

  1. It is spread over five continents providing global relationships.
  2. Currently, FAB has been linked with other financial institutions to enhance their expertise and strengthen economic growth.
  3. FAB’s primary vision and motto are to diversify services through differentiation, agility, and innovation.

FAB Balance Enquiry System

1st Abu Dhabi Bank balance inquiry system allows customers to view their current cash and bank balance and transactions done in the past quickly and easily with just one click. It is a great feature to keep track of their financial transactions and stay informed.

But how can the FAB balance enquiry online feature be accessed? It is pretty easy and simple. Just follow the steps in sequence as

Step1: Enter your account number mentioned on the card ID

Step2: The user will be redirected to a page that displays the current bank balance, account history, and recent transaction trail

Step3: By entering account details, the server will allow you to view your recent transactions by category

Step4: Customer may also process online transfers via FAB balance enquiry card

Step5: The account’ standing balance can be checked after every user transaction, allows sending an SMS alert after every payment

Balances that can be Checked in the Portal

The following type of bank balances can be viewed from the customer’s portal

  1. FAB bank balance check
  2. Prepaid ratibi FAB balance enquiry 
  3. NBAD account balance history
  4. NBAD account balance
  5. Ratibi employee card salary check
  6. ATM transaction trails record
  7. PPC card
  8. FAB balance enquiry card salary account
  9. Lulu balance enquiry

FAB Balance Tracking

It is often asked why one should keep a timely check on the FAB balance. Undoubtedly, it is essential to keep track of bank account movement to get in touch with any unusual activity or transaction being performed through your account.

It can be helpful in several ways like:

  • To avoid overdrafts
  • To know about any deduction of bank charges
  • To be informed about the spending limit through your bank account

Moreover, FAB customers are suggested to check the FAB balance enquiry online weekly or monthly through the bank website and record the results in a spreadsheet or by taking screenshots. The tracking balance feature allows you to track spending behavior like

  • Paying electricity bills
  • Principal rental payments
  • Mortgage charges etc.

Checking for account balance is essential for everyone who has an option to withdraw additional funds from the salary account. 1st Abu Dhabi bank also provides interest on the exceptional balance on deposit and business accounts.

Knowing the FAB standing account balance lets the customer know his current financial status, so he never incurs more debt than he has in his account at any given time. It also helps you to prepare monthly payment budgets.

Rechargeable Ordering FAB Balance Inquiry System

Typically, FAB offers a special feature that is a unique rechargeable ticket ordering system. t enables cardholders to recharge their tickets independently. It is the easiest way to run ratibi FAB balance enquiry in a web browser on a PC or mobile.

In this way, cardholders can check the balance of prepaid cards by following easy steps in the guide provided by 1st Abu Dhabi Bank in UAE. If you need to check your balance online, you must have an excellent advance online card.

FAB Balance Enquiry Online

Fab Bank Balance Check Online

The card’s balance can be viewed online from your laptop, PC, or smartphone at any time and place. Customer prefers a periodic card balance check to get in touch with their account statement.

  1. Take out your FAB prepaid card in your hand
  2. Go to the official page of Abu Dhabi Bank 
  3. Enter the last two digits of the prepaid card number of your 1st Abu Dhabi bank account
  4. The customer should now enter the specified ID in the blank field “ID.”
  5. Click on the “Browse” option

By going through this process, the customer will be redirected to his account statement FAB balance inquiry system. It will show your current standing balance as of the date and your last ten transactions trail.

Checking FAB Balance 

fab balance enquiry card

If you are a resident of UAE and a cardholder of 1st Abu Dhabi bank, you can quickly check the FAB balance of your account on your smartphone in a few seconds. Due to its easy use, people call it a regular card balance check.

Checking FAB balance can be done in 3 easy steps

  1. Visiting the PPC portal of FAB

FAB has provided its valuable customers with a free balance inquiry portal for all cardholders. They have to single click on the mentioned web link, i.e. https://ppc.bankFAB.com/PPCInquiry/.

  1. Entering the last two digits of the prepaid card 

The card number is the personal and intellectual property of the cardholder, so it should be kept safe and secure. It is important to note that it should not be damaged or destroyed by any means because the card number helps you check your account balance.

  1. Customer card ID

There is a 13-digit number on the left top corner of the card. The customer must enter the specified number without any error to access the account to verify and view transaction and balance details.

FAB Salary Account Balance

If a resident of the UAE has a FAB balance enquiry card, he will use the same to check the standing balance in his salary account. It can be accessed at any FAB ATM without any deduction of bank charges.

The user needs to swipe the card or put it into the ATM boot; no pin is required. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, most FAB card holders now prefer to check FAB balance enquiry online from their cell phones.

It is easy in many ways like

  • It is the easiest method to check the balance in the account
  • Online mode is helpful if there are no FAB ATMs available near your accommodation or offices

FAB Mobile Application

FAB Mobile App for Balance check

FAQ application can also be downloaded on Android or iOS mobile to inquire about FAB balances. If you are a FAB cardholder, you must install the 1st Abu Dhabi Bank app on your phone.

FAB Payment Options

FAB offers two payment options to its valuable customer. These are discussed in detail below

  1. FAB prepaid card

It can be used all across the UAE without limiting the cardholder to ATM withdrawals and POS transactions. FAB has been offering its prepaid payment cards to companies for

  1. Handling frequent payments
  2. Spending petty cash

Some salient features of FAB prepaid payment cards are

  1. Cardholder needs no activation PIN to start the process
  2. There is no requirement for a bank account
  3. No monthly deduction charges and no requirement of minimum balance
  4. All FAB cards are valid at domestic FAB ATMs and international grocery stores
  5. Cardholder can secure the card by choosing a strong password
  6. Monthly transaction statements are provided to the user
  7. Its customer care support team is available 24/7 for free
  8. Prepaid cards are supported by ATM and CDM using a FAB portal
  9. Ratibi FAB balance enquiry card

It is a compensation plan designed for employees and labor workers who earn up to 5,000 Dh per month and have no bank account. The wages and salaries of these employees are deposited directly into their cards

It is helpful in two ways 

  1. It eliminates the need for a bank account
  2. It can be used for account FAB balance enquiry 

Some of the prominent features of the FAB ratibi payment card are as follows:

  1. For every transaction incurred, an SMS alert comes to the worker
  2. Ratibi card can be used anywhere at ATM or online stores
  3. It can sometimes be accessed at Mastercard/VISA card systems
  4. Its customer care service is available 24/7 through the call center
  5. Here, cardholders can choose to set their PIN password for security
  6. It entirely complies with laws and WPS requirements of the government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  7. It offers a fully committed and fully automated support center
  8. User can withdraw and deposit amount with just one click here
  9. It eliminates the risk of paying cash when paying employees
  10. Shopping with a ratibi card saves taxes and levies in UAE

Application for Ratibi FAB Balance Enquiry

In 4 easy steps, an employee can apply for a ratibi card without requiring a bank account and minimum balance conditions.

Step1: Fill out the necessary details in the ratibi application

Step2: Complete the employee’s section details in an excel sheet

Step3: For card management access, an employee should fill up the iBanking application

Step4: Submit the adequately filed application forms for approval to the nearest FAB branches

How to Check the Balance on the Ratibi Card

Another query in mind is how to check the balance on the ratibi card. It is also an easy task followed by a simple guide.

  1. An employee can check the Ratibi card salary balance by visiting the website of the UAE bank. Employees have to enter the last two digits of the card number. The card number is mentioned on the lower part of the face of the card.
  2. The employee should enter the specific identification number of the card, which is mentioned on the front lower corner of the card.
  3. By entering the correct credentials, the employee can see his balance and transaction-wise movement in his account.


Apart from benefits at the employee’s end, the employer has numerous advantages of ratibi bank UAE. These are summarized below.

  1. It offers a free salary payment solution.
  2. For employers, it’s an efficient way to manage the payroll process of employees.
  3. Transferring salary via FAB card is secure and in compliance with the laws of the UAE government. 
  4. Through internet banking, 1st Abu Dhabi Bank offers real-time card management.
  5. These cards offer alternative services for salary processing as per corporate requirements.
  6. Ratibi prepaid cards have no annual subscription charges to be borne by the employer.
  7. Employers can access real-time transaction data and obtain a complete record of all payments and transactions with cardholders.

Secure and Safe Means

All FAB balance enquiry cards offer secure, legal, and control features. Using the 1st Abu Dhabi Bank card to withdraw and deposit money is legal and secured as per the UAE government’s rules.

  1. There is a security PIN option to protect an employee from skimming fraud with a chip
  2. A one-time OTP is required for processing the transaction
  3. All transactions are duly authorized from the employer and employee’s end
  4. There is proper design and implementation of controls and limits
  5. An employee can track their expense and generate reports with the help of the expense management feature

FAB Cashback Offers

Cashback Offers from FAB to UAE Residents.

An employer can get 5,000 Dh cashback on each salary payment. 1st Abu Dhabi Bank takes this initiative to encourage the employees and employers to quit hectic ATM cards and use ratibi cards in UAE.

However, for this, the employer must create a FAB account on the mobile app and transfer employees’ salaries. For every transfer, there is a chance of AED 5000 cashback. The eligibility for such a lucky draw is simple, i.e., transfer at least two salaries through the FAB app.

Cashback Offers from FAB to Foreigners. 

For a citizen of UAE, a maximum of AED 5000 is a cashback reward; however, for a foreigner payment, the employer can earn up to AED 2500 in cashback. It can be later used to 

  1. Make purchases in stores
  2. Pay on favorite brands
  3. Pay utility bills
  4. Remit money to another state
  5. Deposit cheques and petty cash

The cashback can be used for redemption on purchases. FAB has defined limits and offers for its cashback rewards.

Salary per monthCashback reward percentageMinimum & maximum amount in AED
AED 5000 to 25002.5%125-625
AED 25000 to 500003%750-1500
AED 50000+5%2500-5000

Moreover, an employer can take advantage of special deals and discounts in UAE without needing a bank account and minimum balance. FAB also offers a platinum master debit card with free access to lounges at airports throughout the Middle east.

The employer is further encouraged to choose from various accounts to get amazing benefits while travelling around the UAE. On the first transaction performed through 1st Abu Dhabi Bank, the employer will be entitled to receive 1,000 Alliance Guest Mail bonuses.

Why Choose FAB?

The FAB portal is the best option if you need to check your bank balance online. It offers a range of services which can be utilized through your mobile device. Here, employers and employees are eligible for multiple discounts.

  1. The FAB portal allows you to access and check your balance anytime
  2. There is no need to visit the nearest ATM for a FAB balance enquiry
  3. The FAB customer care team is available 24/7 for free
  4. Employees can make transfers and pay bills easily 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is 1st Abu Dhabi bank number 1 in UAE?

Many banks in UAE facilitate you while ensuring your money is safe and secure. FAB is considered number one due to the number of services it offers to its valuable customers.

Q: What is a FAB account?

It allows you to withdraw, deposit, accept and make bill payments using your bank card. The excellent feature is that it does not require a bank account to be operational for expenses. 

How to Open a FAB Account?

In order to open a FAB account, you should watch the following video:

Q: How to view salary on the FAB mobile app? 

Employers have to enter the last two digits of the ratibi card in the FAB mobile app. He will come to know about complete balance details and transaction-wise movement of amount.

Q: Why should one open a FAB account?

It needs to be opened since it offers a simple and efficient method of paying employees their salaries and earnings. The FAB employs ID data to confirm your identification so that every transaction has a user-friendly interface.

Q: What is a ratibi prepaid card?

Through the ratibi card, employees can receive their salaries without a bank account at FAB. Ratibi card is helpful to pay salaries and wages of employees up to AED 5,000.

Q: What are the eligibility criteria for a FAB balance enquiry card?

  • Account required for employer
  • The employee must be a resident of the UAE
  • Valid Know Your Customer (KYC) form


Using the FAB balance card, an employee can manage his financial transactions effectively. It is helpful to get regular updates to employees on their standing balance. FAB balance enquiry online provides easy access to balance information.

All information on his ratibi card is kept 100% confidential because FAB uses an enhanced system which is entirely in compliance with the laws and rules of the UAE government. FAB keep its customer data secure. 

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