Zong WhatsApp Package Monthly, Weekly & Daily Codes and Prices

Zong WhatsApp Package

Zong is one of the best 4G internet service providers in Pakistan. With the dawn of WhatsApp and its increasing daily usage in future, Zong introduced packages for WhatsApp. The main aim of Zong Internet for WhatsApp is to provide customers with a customized bundle that you will be paid only for MBs you use while using WhatsApp. In this article, we brought information about the Zong WhatsApp Package monthly, weekly and daily. Let’s get started!

Zong WhatsApp Packages

Zong  has introduced three different types of WhatsApp packages into monthly, weekly and daily based on the duration, cost and subscription codes. You might want to know about this important information here:

Zong WhatsApp Package Monthly

Normally we run out of our supercard’s data early, so having a WhatsApp package monthly can ease your difficulty in connecting to your friends and family. Zong internet provider has launched WhatsApp monthly packages.

Zong Whatsapp Monthly Package code & price:

This package is just for 80 Pakistani rupees to get 5 GB WhatsApp data for 30 days.

  • Price: Rs. 80 including tax
  • Duration: 30 days
  • Reward: 5 GB WhatsApp
  • Subscription Code: *247#

Zong Monthly Social Package:

Get 12 GB data for WhatsApp, Facebook and IMO along with 300 Minutes and 250 SMS by dialing *6000# subscription code. Other details are mentioned below:

  • Price: Rs. 240 including Tax
  • Duration: 30 Days
  • Reward: 12 GB (WhatsApp + Facebook + IMO) + 250 (Zong minutes + SMS) + 50 off-net minutes
  • Subscription Code: *6000#

Zong Monthly WhatsApp Plus

Go ahead to subscribe Zong Monthly WhatsApp Plus offer which includes:

  • Price: Rs. 160 including tax
  • Durations: 30 Days
  • Reward: 5 GB Data (WhatsApp + IMO) + 30 off-net mins + 200 on-net mins + 200 SMS
  • Subscription Code: *4000#

Zong Whatsapp and SMS Package Monthly

Zong WhatsApp and SMS package monthly is a great offer with almost 30 MBs WhatsApp data per day in just Rs. 75 only. Other details related to this package are:

  • Price: Rs. 75
  • Duration: 30 Days
  • Reward: 30 MB/day whatsapp + 500 SMS/day for 1 Month
  • Subscription Code:  *705# 

Zong WhatsApp Package Monthly Price

Zong WhatsApp monthly bundle can be subscribed in Rs. 70 at consumer price. You will get 5 GB WhatsApp data for 30 days.

Zong WhatsApp Package Monthly Code

Get a load of Rs. 70 rupees first. Dial *247# to subscribe to the Zong WhatsApp monthly offer. You will get 5 GB data for WhatsApp.

Zong WhatsApp Package Weekly

Zong’s weekly WhatsApp package charges you less than 40 rupees and you get hundreds of MBs for WhatsApp along with SMS for 7 days. Other details of this offer are mentioned below:

  • Price: Rs. 32 including tax
  • Duration: 7 Days
  • Reward: 200 MB Data for WhatsApp & 1300 SMS
  • Subscription Code: *702#

Zong Apna Shehar Offer

In order to give smart offer by Zong, it launched Apna Shehar Punjab offer for Punjab citizens which can be subscribed through *2222# code. This offer consists of 6 GB overall internet and 150 minutes across all networks. Other details are mentioned below:

  • Price: Rs. 240 Incl. Tax
  • Duration: 7 days
  • Reward: 1 GB WhatsApp Data + 6 GB Internet + 150 minutes
  • Subscription Code: *2222#

Zong WhatsApp Daily Package

If you have to share an important document or file or you have to contact someone immediately, Zong daily WhatsApp package will help you in this situation. This offer provides WhatsApp Data with SMS for a single day. 

Zong Daily SMS+Whatsapp Bundle

Zong brought daily SMS & WhatsApp Bundle in just Rs. 5 by dialing *700#. Details of this Zong Package given here:

  • Price: Rs.5 including tax
  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Reward: 30 MB WhatsApp Data + 1 MB Internet + 500 SMS
  • Subscription Code: *700#

Zong Daily Social

This Zong offer includes 1.5 GB data for WhatsApp, YouTube and Facebook with the cost of Rs. 23. Other details are mentioned below:

  • Price: Rs. 23 including tax
  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Reward: 1.5 GB (WhatsApp + Youtube + Facebook + IMO)
  • Subscription Code: *386#

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get the free Zong WhatsApp Service?

Zong was offering free WhatsApp monthly service but recently the company has abandoned this offer. Now the free Zong WhatsApp bundle is not available. 

How to subscribe Zong WhatsApp package monthly?

You can subscribe to the Zong monthly WhatsApp bundle by dialing *247# with the cost  of Rs. 80. 

How to subscribe Zong WhatsApp package weekly?

To subscribe Zong weekly WhatsApp package, dial *702# to get 200 MB WhatsApp data along with 1300 SMS for 7 days in Rs. 32.

How to subscribe to Apna Shehar Offer?

Go to the Zong Mobile App, search your city name, you will find apna shehar offer. Check the requirements and details. Just subscribe to it to get the reward.


Zong WhatsApp package monthly, weekly, daily is a great way to stay connected with your friends and family or for sending documents, emojis and stickers on WhatsApp. Choose one of the above Zong WhatsApp Packages according to your need. If you have any queries, don’t forget to ask us. Good Luck!

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